We bought a black male from you guys 8 years ago! He is an amazing dog and my best friend! ~Jordan, WI

Nebraska Black Labs for Sale

What a wonderful dog she (Mazy) has been. Intelligent, gentle, but aggressive as a hunter.  Her drive never quits. ~Chuck, CO

Hunting Labs for Sale in Nebraska

Just wanted to let you know how wonderful Meg has turned out to be. Her first hunting season was last fall and man did she excel. Her training which I did myself went very easily and her intelligence really shone through. There was a gentleman…neighbor who said he could have won state and national trials with her however I was not interested as I only wanted a good hunting dog. But the fact is I have a great hunting dog. I once again thank you for the opportunity to have such a neat dog.

New Puppy Lab for Sale in Nebraska
Family Puppy for Sale in Nebraska Labrador Retriever

I wanted to let you know that my black lab JB is doing excellent. I bought him from you back in 2003. He has hiked about thirty of the 14,000 foot mountains in Colorado and is an absolutely amazing dog, extremely smart and very lovable. He’s retired now from hiking anything too strenuous and is living in Fruita, Colorado where he enjoys the river and exploring the mountain biking trails.
–Josh from Fruita, CO

Family Labrador Retriever for Sale in Nebraska

Winnie has turned into a fantastic hunting dog. This past year she has flushed and retrieved well over a hundred pheasants and grouse for me and my hunting buddies. Last weekend she even caught a grouse on her own. She gets compliments from other hunters every time we go out. She is definitely showing her pedigree. 
–Grant from Rapid City, SD

Sandy is my husband’s best friend until I get home. Then he comes to mom. My husband lost his twin brother a few years ago, and Sandy has been at his side since last Christmas. He is retrieving like a champ. In a week and a half he retrieved 40 geese (one was a quarter of a mile in distance) He loves his new mommy and daddy, and he’s great with our grandson and my 84 year old father.
—Pat and Alice  from Hartville, Ohio