Puppy Food

Life's Abundance Premium Puppy Food for Labrador Puppies

We feed all of our dogs premium dog food from Life’s Abundance. From the time our puppies start on solid food, they are fed premium Life’s Abundance Food. Feeding Life’s Abundance high quality Large Breed Puppy Food or All Life Stage Dog Food helps them to develop appropriately and to maintain strong joints. 

Grain Free Life's Abundance Dog Food
Life's Abundance Premium All Life Stage Dog Food For Lab Puppies

This premium food contains essential nutrients and vitamins that your puppy needs including: multi-source protein, probiotics, vitamin C and A, DHA. It is also free from artificial flavor, artificial colors, corn, and wheat gluten. Life’s Abundance also makes All Life Stage Grain Free Dog Food for those of you who prefer to provide a grain-free food for your pet kids.  

Best Deodorizer for Dog Messes Life's Abundance Biodeodorizer
Wellness Supplements for Labrador Retrievers Life's Abundance

In addition to the premium dog food, Life’s Abundance also has a variety of other products for you and your pets. From Plant Protein and Probiotics for you to Wellness Supplements and Breath Freshener for your pet kids.  A bath with the Revitalizing Shampoo will keep your pet kid smelling fresh, and what dog doesn’t love something to chew on like the Porky Puffs which help maintain a healthy digestive system. 

Puppy Treats for Labrador Retrievers

When training your new puppy, the Tasty Rewards Training Treats are a delicious training aide, and when those potty training accidents occur, the Bio-Base Deodorizer Spray comes in handy to eliminate odors that can trigger repeats. For a full list of products available for you, your dogs, or your cats check out the website or contact us for a catalog. 

Be sure to order your puppy’s food here in order to continue giving your puppy the quality nutrition he/she deserves. You may also order via phone at 877-387-4564. When ordering by phone, you will need to provide our number, 20201344.

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